Friday, September 27, 2002

Your walking down the street, pavement's empty. Suddenly you see a giant, 3 times your size walking towards you. Do you walk around him? do you slow down? do you fuck. You plow straight toward him even as he tries to avoid your drunken stagger, head butting him in the kneecaps with a reasuring 'thud!' Why? Cause your a fucking 3 year old child.
What is it with children under two foot tall? Do they hate me? Even when im nowhere near them, i see them make a bee line toward me as soon as their beady little eyes catch sight of me , homing in like a teething, snot nosed scud. And dont even get me started on the ones that reach crotch level. I think ill buy a cup.

Small kids whove just learned to walk make me laugh though. Look like minature drunks, throwing each foot in front of themselves just before they fall. Hilarious!