Saturday, January 11, 2003

Hobbling round like an old man this morning after playing soccer 36 hours i that unfit? Stupid legs.
Ah, dont you just love lazy saturdays? Ive given up long ago on actually attempting to get anything done during the weekend and have resigned myself to the fact that im a lazy sod who wont even get out of bed unless i really have to. Stupid toilet.

Kevin 'id love it' Keegan is having to sit on his hands to stop himself dancing around and announcing who his upcoming big money signing is. Rumour is that Robbie Fowler is the man, but surely Ole Keggy has enough injured strikers on his books? Still the more the better as far as hes concerned, you know hes wetting himself to try out his new 1-1-8 formation. If theyre still not scoring enough he'll try Shaun Goater as fly goalie.

Ok, I thought Gerard Houllier was a bit of an arsehole, but when you read this type of insane nattering, you know hes losing the plot. Even the Liverpool biased author thinks hes talking the his arse.

On another note, lets hope the US Supreme Court puts the boot (no pun intended) into these Corporate Cunts

Friday, January 10, 2003

Dont you just hate it when you do something really stupid, something thats brought up by your mates in the pub over and over again, and usually in the presence of some woman your desperately trying to impress? Cant see this genius getting lucky for a while then.

So its friday again, the entire week has been wasted, about 10 mins of actual work done to date and the prospect of a hazy, alcohol fueled weekend lies ahead. Except Im broke. Looks like im gonna have to make that age old choice of what to spent my last pennies on, food or drink. Well I can always go round the supermarket eating all the free samples, but where will i get free beer? Looks like its settled then. In the meantime, anyone got any ideas on how to make any money fast that leaves me with the full complement of internal organs?

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Well it looks like im gonna be living on beans and good will for the remainder of January, all the 'festivities' have cleaned me out, Damned Santa and his empty festive promises. No more alcohol fueled antics of a weekend for a while, looks like its back to closing the windows and letting loose with a can of Pledge on Saturday nights. Oh the Joy! Still at least im not as easy to please as these people.

Good to see old boiled egg eyes is setting the story right re: the titanic defeat to the mighty Sheffield Utd. Of course they didnt lose because they are a one dimensional, defensive bunch of hoofers, oh no, its because they played on a poor pitch. Magnanamous in defeat, Hoillier didnt even mention that Sheffield Utd got to play on a completely different, pristine pitch while they were forced to play on the field out back. What a gent. Eggs anyone?

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

My god, unless anyone hasnt seen MTV in the last week, check out this link, for what is one of the coolest videos ever. Now why didnt anyone else think of Russian schoolgirls kissing in the rain before? Expect to hear all the bible bashers spluttering about them corrupting our youth. Personally id be quite happy to see more women in schoolgirl uniforms suckin face. Well, outside of those special parties anyway... Quite a like the song too, but then anything sounds good after being subjected to the horrors of not one but TWO popstars singles over the christmas. At least the girls wear short skirts.

On a less interesting note, trying to get back into the swing of things after christmas is turning out to be harder than expected. maybe its the combination of excess christmas alcohol still being removed from my system and too many bloody flash games available on the net. Still ya cant beat monkey and his little ship. Bless his little monkey head! So thats what Peter Reid has been up to since he left Sunderland....

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

so the tree has been put away, the liver is still trying to remove all that festive alcohol and the bank balance starts with 0.0 ,
Christmas is well and truly over. Only another 358 days to go till christmas!

Until then, we have the cold, windy month of january to content with, CURSE YOU WIND AND RAIN! that and living in abject, christmas induced poverty until the next pay check...ah, isnt christmas the best?