Saturday, January 25, 2003

ah Kes, I think i pished meshelf
Ah, These are the women for me. Id be in love if one of them flashed their tits.
I am a shamed to admit I though, I have become an embarassment to my drunken ilk. Friday night last night, and what was i doing? Sitting at home playing computer games when i could have been drinking and hoaring. So once i get paid next week, im off on a bender. Expect lots of drunken gibberish to follow.
Ok, using mousover to open links is wrecking my head already, so im reverting to clicking them.

As i write, it looks like Arsenal are on to give Farnborough a right spanking. 2 -0 up after 40 min with Farnborough down to ten men. I still think Franny is on for a hattrick. Although were resting a few players its still a pretty strong team out there so hopefully we can rack up a nice score to get us in the mood before we meet those boring, boring scousers. From what I hear on the radio (have to work today) Christian Lees biggest game of his life has been ruined becuause he was the last man when he fouled Jeffers, which is a red card offence. Shame that the referees arent allowed to use common sense, but then who ever expects logic from FA directives?

Closer to home, Brian Kerr looks a dead cert to take the Irish job. Hes done wonders for our underage teams, including winning the european championships and coming third in the youth world cup. Cant remember which age groups off the top of my head, think they were U17 and U19. If you realise that Ireland only really has a population of around three and a half million, with a national league equivalent to the english third division, you can start to understand the level of his achievement. Where this leaves things with Roy Keane I dont know, but he should just shut the fuck up and turn up if hes asked back. Dont get me wrong, alot of what he said about the FAI being run by amateurs is true, but if he wants to wear an Irish shirt again he cant have it all on his own terms.

You gots to love ladies in lingerie. No particular reason why I have this link, I just think they look pertty. Remember when you were young, and your mum would tell you not to poke the animals with sticks at the zoo. Well for fucks sake dont piss off the elephants.
And all I can say about this is Ouch.

Friday, January 24, 2003

Im doing a bit of DIY on the sites ass for the next few days to make it a little more pertty, so if it looks a little lame its because its in the process of. Or else im finished and just have shite taste. I know its like slapping makeup on an old tart but fuck it, its the best i can do. So just call me Vera. Plus, you no longer have to waste valuable seconds 'clicking' on my links, the mouseover will automatically open them in a new window for you!

Good to see old former scum striker Jurgen Klinsmann admitting what all the dillusioned folk down at White Hart lane cant bear to admit. Now their two cup finals are over they dont really have anything to play for, and its still only January. Muhahaha.

Le Grand Sausice
Not too much news around at the moment, Paddy looks to be back after a three week lay off. Hopefully hell come back with guns blazing. If were gonna try to do something in the champions league this season we really need him driving us on. On form, no other midfielder in the world (save Zidane and Keane maybe) can touch him. It looks like were gonna rest a few players for the game against Farnborough, so heres to seeing Franny knocking in a hattrick. Personally, when he came on against West Ham I thought he looked really good. A few games under his belt and i think he can start knocking them in. To be fair, if a striker cant score in this Arsenal team, where can he?

This is funny, especially if you like mutual girl love. This, on the other hand is not. How exactly would you find out if something like that?

Thursday, January 23, 2003

So Steve Bruce reckons Upson will eventually play for England. He has the ability, all he needs is a season or two of playing regularly and you never know. If it was with Arsenal id say yeah, but the chances of birmingham playing European football anytime soon are remote. Still all the best to matty.

Some other young english players that appear to be on their way out are Noble, Chorley and Brown. Noble hardly set Watford on fire during his load spell last season and id be suprised if any of them make good in the Premiership, but good luck to them anyway. Still, this doesnt exactly send out a great message to the young 'uns. While this tough stance means that only the best make it at Arsenal, any prospective young players might think theyd be better going to a club who gives their young players more of a chance. Interesting that Eddie Niedzwiecki (now theres a mouthful) says that if they arent pushing for a first team place by 21 then they move them on.

Which got me to thinking. Over the last 4/5 years, Cole is the only player to come through the ranks. If you look at Man U (3), Liverpool (4) and Newcastle (3) all of them have brought through several players in that time. Still, were League and Cup holders, top of the league and our Champions league group and still in the FA cup so we cant really complain. Personally, I think Aliadiaire, Bentley, Thomas and Svard will make it at Arsenal, with Pennant and Volz having a good chance too. Still I do talk alot of bollox, so I could be wrong.

Speaking of talking bollox, what is it with this book selling whore. Can he go one article without congratulating himself or trying to plug his book? Still, at least he's not talking about Robert bloody Palmer....

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Damn this X box. Since I got it ive done nothing but play games.

Matty Upson has finally moved to Birmingham. Hope he does well there, its a shame to see him go. I thought hed have a good chance at making the first team between now and the end of the season, but it now looks like another young english player is leaving us. One question though is if Newcastle are so flush with cash after one season in the champions league that they are trying to buy woodgate, then why cant we?

Apologies about the general shittiness of the posts at the moment, ill improve when i finish Halo on the X box. Im off to skive off work.

Monday, January 20, 2003

A fantastic display by Thierry won us the game yesterday, and he could have had five or six if not for some wonderful saves by James. Apart from that, the most entertaining thing about the game was watching the comedy stylings of Christian Dailly, who for half the game seemed to be our most creative player. His knockdown for Henry just after the penalty was sheer class. Its a shame to see Winterburn, one of the all time Arsenal greats being forced to play alongside such turds. One moment sticks out in the memory early in the first half, we were attacking down the right wing and wiltord (i think anyway) was kinda dancing round the ball on the touchline as all the defenders backed off. Nig, wasnt gonna take any of that shit and dove in, putting the ball and player out of play. If he threatened Dailly and Breen with a bit of that maybe they wouldnt be so shite.

Of course everyone in the media is gonna rant on about Bergkamps incident with Bowyer to take away from Henry's achievement. Personally, I think every opposing team should be exempt from punishment for any fouls on him. Perhaps a bit of a kicking at half time mightnt go astray either.

Other news suggests that the will he wont he saga of Upsons transfer may finally be coming to an end. Hardly the best of timing to let him go now, with important games coming up and the fact that Cygam is pants. Still, were getting more (if its true) than we paid for him, so it could be worse. You could be this fool.

Anyway, I was so happy after the win yesterday (and a little drunk), that while wandering down Henry st I got a rush of blood to the head and bought an X box.
Damn you credit card! maybe I should try doing this.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Off to watch the West Ham game in a few minutes in a pub just off O'Connell Bridge in Dublin, which means I get to see the spike in all its glory for the first time. Hurrah!
More importantly, this place does seriously nice food, so im gonna gorge myself while having a nice pint and watching David James flail about like a chicken on speed. you just dont get quality comedy like that on tv anymore.

Wenger has been singing the praises of Jermaine Defoe, notice how he says Wrighty arrived late at arsenal, and the same could happen with Defoe. well i dont think he meant it in that way, but it would be nice to see him come here. Although with Jeffers, Aliadaire and Bentley, perhaps we have enough talented young strikers.

Heskey sure shut me up last night with his (count it) SECOND goal of the season. So Liverpool finally won a game. Guess they had to get lucky sooner or later. Watch Emile make a late run for the golden boot. Murharharhar....

Started playing championship manager again after not touching it for a year, and damn it its hard to stop playing. This is the game cited in at least 3 divorce cases. Unfortunately, Ive won practically everything with Arsenal, so ive turned to Newcastle for a bit of variety. Maybe i should just sell off all their good players and buy in people like Ade Akinbye. Id get sacked for sure, but it would be worth it. hehehe