Friday, January 31, 2003

Watch where you stand

Dear god its cold here at the moment in Dublin.

Im not talking about the freezes your piss when you take a leak outside type of cold, but Irish cold. Cause here in Ireland, we dont get bad weather. We dont get good weather. We just get mild variations of wind and cloud and rain. You cant tell looking out the window here if its cold outside or not, cause everyday looks the fucking same. So I walked to the nearby shopping centre yesterday in just a zip up top and a t-shirt. Nearly fucking froze to death. couldnt even open my door when i got back, hands were so numb.

Back to the weekend fixtures, we may be missing Dennis for the visit of Harods. Wiltord hasnt been playing especially well recently, and Kanu has had some niggling injuries, so id be very disappointed if Franny didnt get the nod ahead of them. Chances are though Bergy will be fit though. Cheer up Tigana after the probable defeat by visiting his new business venture. Expect to see them in Harods by the end of the season.

Anyone Tottenham fan you meet who tries to tell you that they are still a big club, Show them this. If further proof was required that they are pants (Their two fine irishmen aside of course) and are down there for good with the villas and the Middlesbrough's of this world, then surely this is it.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Damn you Emile Heskey! Thats the last time i slag someone right before we play against them.

I had a few correct score bets on last night, and things were looking very well. With a few min to go I thought the 20 quid for a 2-1 score was safe in my pocket, but I got greedy. I was willing us on to score another (prefererably by franny, but i wasnt picky) to make it 3-1 and so that id pick up 50 squid. Obviously this money lust must have displeased the footy gods, because no sooner had i wished it than the huge headed Emile pops up and nuts it in. agh! Still, I can console myself with the fact that thats one of the hardest games we have left over with, and the fact that we played them off the pitch means that were reaching a new level coming into the last third of the season. Henry skinning Henchoz and Carragher down the left and Pires' excuisite back heeled volley into the path of Henry were the highlights, but we continually embarassed liverpool with our passing and skill. Expect us to hand out a few spankings between now and the end of the season. And us winning the league again will get me a nice bit of money from my two Liverpool and Man U fan mates. Muhahaha!

Apparently Galatasaray bid for Kanu at some point during the last few weeks. Many Arsenal fans think its about time he moved on, not just because he hasnt really contributed much over the last few seasons (although he is our 4th top scorer so far this season) but also because such a prodigiously talented player should move on so he can show off his undoubted talents more regularly at another club, instead of sitting on our bench. Personally, for his own sake id like to see him move on, and also because we have alot of talented young strikers coming through, and I think they deserve a chance.

Anyway, Im off to get some work done. Came in this morning at (count it) 8:50am...the earliest ive made it into work in 6 months! Damn im a workaholic!

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Apologies about the lateness of this post, but for some reason I couldnt get onto my blogger posting page, damn them.

So a big game tonight, against those boring, boring scousers. Im sure Gerard will stick with his usual 6-3-1 attacking line up, what with them being at home and all, so expect loads of goals. How much would Franny Jeffers love to score the winner and run to the Liverpool dugout and just stand and smile at Houllier. Even the most feverent Houllier supporters must admit he talks out of his arse ad nauseum now. Nothing to do with the boring one-dimensional, defensive play, the 8 game run without a win or the fact that Emile 'two goal' (count them) Heskey plays regularly then? Kunt. Who the fuck considers the charity shield and super cups trophies worth mentioning anyway?

This is a few months old by nowbut still worth a look. Muhahaha. Its a good thing Harry Redknapps retired and not playing in Brazil or he'd be broke. Poor Bastard.

And I love you really (please dont delete me) Kiss! Kiss!

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Fuck me, that was a bad hangover.
One of those recurring ones that you think has passed only for it to return with a vengence. So me and beer arent talking for a while. Not until beer apologises anyway.

Jeremie Aliadiere
Young Aliadiere is back and scoring goals in the reserves after 4 months out through injury. Good to see him back as he started the season well, making several substitute appearances and scoring his first goal for us against West Brom before hie was unluckily sidelined. Looks like he has quite a future ahead of him at Arsenal, and with Jeffers starting to show he can nail down a regular starting spot and Bentley looking a class act (tabloid headline writers must be salivating) it looks like we have some exciting options up front over the next few years. Which probably does not bode well for Kanu.

Id be pissed off too if my wife imposed a sex ban.

Monday, January 27, 2003

Im more than just a ginger
Sweet Jesus my head is killing me. Thats the last time I go on an all day drinking binge. Didnt get into work until three today, and all ive done is check my mail. damn you beer.

This world can be a cruel, unforgiving place. Some have things harder than others, so its nice to see this lady proving that being a ginger doesnt mean you cant succeed in life. Remember you cant catch ginger from talking to one.

Looks like were gonna have to beat Man U if we want to retain the FA cup. Beating them at Old Trafford again would be sweet. Then again we could bottle it like we did there this season. Hopefully Cygan wont be playing after his fuck up against Farnborough proved that he can do a pretty good impersonation of Igor when he wants to. Ive seen articulated lorries turn faster than him.

Im off to pretend to work again. Jesus im dying.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

This is a quickie.

4 bottles of wine, a bottle of saki, bottle of vodka and half a dozen cans. myself, my flatmate and her friend last night. My head feels like shit. and theyre in the sitting room waiting for me to get my ass in gear so we can head to the pub. I love lazy sundays.

My god but West Ham are shite. They are playing right now like a team destined for division one. Anyone fancy a Defoe or Cole on the cheap?

Right, Im off to the pub to kill more brain cells.